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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't Let it become a Divide between the 99

  If something related to the movement becomes negative then the 99 percent need to be able to apply immediate solutions.  Who can do that? > The people can as individuals.  When things did get ugly, stop it if you can before it occurs which many did from what I was able to see on tweets and other sources.

  Afterwards the 99 percent not only needed to be placing signs of apology but be out there the next day helping clean up, fixing things and making things right.  There were people in Oakland doing just that from the movement but that didn't get the coverage like the violence.  I don't know if it was a lot or a few that went out to help afterwards.  The news didn't cover this a whole lot but I did see several articles and tweets of involved movement members going out cleaning and fixing things.

  We don't help the 99 percent by breaking windows or adding graffiti to walls.  We will divide over this because we will be fighting between each other (there is a need to focus).  Oakland's accomplishments were staggering and historical! However, as it usually goes what will the media latch onto but the negative.  Why because it was much simpler and focused for the readers to grasp and what sells (the bad news)?

  There are still a lot of the 99 percent that are not sure of what is going on and how it will work, so don't let them be disenchanted and divided before this even grows.  This is a great thing going on here that is letting the people have a voice.  Do not get torn apart and divided now!   There is much more good going on here then bad.

  Don't you think there were people waiting, hoping, letting it build and even inciting violence to happen?  I'm not talking the average 99 percent.  There are those that are disillusioned. There are those that don't understand. There is anger in the streets.  There are even those that are very against the 99 percent, if we haven't figured that out.

  This was bound to happen and it is bound to happen again.  The 99 percent are not going away and the majority of the 99 percent are against violence and want things to change for the better.  Don't let VIOLENCE and VANDALISM divide the 99 percent.  Please remember the odds of someone in the 99 percent having to clean up or pay for a mess of any sort are very high!  DON'T Fight each other please!  The odds are that something you break is going to be owned by a 99 percent person that worked hard to get it.

 There are still plenty waiting to pounce and advertise every negative note they can find.  Violence and vandalism will only support those that wish for this movement to go away.  The 99 percent must be stronger and smarter then the powers that wish to divide them.  That is going to take huge amounts of internal work and education.  There are so many people that are angry and disillusioned by the manipulation, suppression and oppression that has taken place in America over the last decades.

  The people know that this is not about selfishness for themselves.  The people know that this is about smaller government and smaller business.  This is about protecting and being fair to the people.  This is about the American Dream that no longer is possible for the majority of Americans no matter how hard they work!

This is about corporatism, bankstas and plutocracy!  Do not be divided and please assist your partners of the 99 percent that don't realize yet we are bigger and better than all the corporations.  We the people care about more than just the bottom line and numbers.  We the people know if an individual is hard working and doesn't need to be kicked out in the street and out of the home because they had some hard luck.  We the people know when a small business is being fair but still is going out of business.  Why, because he can't compete with the giant mega store down the street that uses outsourced slave labor and sweat shops with laws created by their own money.  We the people know that our neighbor is slowly going to their death sooner because they were kicked off their health insurance for having a preexisting condition.  Yet they paid money all their lives to the government medicare and insurance for this protection.  We the people know Social Security was not an entitlement.  The people gave a good portion of their salaries all their lives to be told you can't have it now, we can't afford it.  Then 401k schemes were set up to fool people that they were retirements and not what they really are a gamble that will only work for a few.  I will say to much for those that are out of work and really trying to get a job.  Outsourcing and machines replace people and help the bottom line but when does humanity become a factor?

We the people can take back our banks and our government.       

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