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Monday, October 31, 2011

So much already accomplished by "Occupy"!

A group that many don't seem to understand.  A group that has been called leaderless, aimless, stated as having no demands or objectives.  A group that has been called mobs, hippy's, trouble-makers, liberals, anarchists, rabble, foolish, trash and so much more.  What I call this group is "Citizens", "Americans" and "The People".  The people that are tired of not being heard or listened too.

I find it almost funny but sad at the same time watching the media, the politicians from every party and the corporate management saying one thing one minute and as the numbers grow and polls grow in favor of the movement they change their tune over and over.

There really is something going on here and it has caught on like wildfire in a very short amount of time.  It is bringing people together and forcing the hands of leaders like I've never seen in my life time.  People are asking what can this movement really do?

Well from what I've seen it has done more already to bring awareness to the public and politicians that there are some major issues that need fixing and need fixing now.  It has brought it to attention that there are enough people that are not going to give up until things are fixed.

It has done more already then I've seen in several decades from any movement, politician or corporation in America.  It has brought real "HOPE" to a lot of Americans and even people around the world that there is "HOPE" and chance to make things better, right and fair!

I really do think this is only the tip of the iceberg, and the real sleeping giants have yet to awake completely.  The majority of people (or the 99 percent) of this country and even the rest of the world are about to show we can make this a much better country and world to live in.

Only time will truly tell here but I'm actually starting to believe in the possibility of miracles again.  Miracles made possible by my fellow man/woman.

It is time to "Occupy Wall Street", "Occupy Everywhere" and "Occupy Together"!  It is time to make some BIG changes.

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