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Sunday, October 30, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 10-30-2011 afternoon

Occupy Wall Street Demands Return of Confiscated Generators - This is exactly the type of treatment and tricks that I'm so fed up with.  Engineered usage of the law to benefit those that don't like something or don't want something around.  The city creates the problem and then is going to say we are kicking you out for your own safety and protection.  What a bunch of trash we have running our country today.  Bought and paid for politicians that want more and more power along with money.  It is a sad day in America but all I can say is I'm not going to sit around and take it anymore.

Clear goals of Occupy Wall St.- Clarity and brevity, see if you agree with the goals!

TD bank exec sees 'good side' to Occupy movement
Jeffrey Sachs speaks to Occupy Wall Street

Pat Buchanan: Occupy Wall Street Is 'Going To End Very, Very Badly'
Repression Against Occupy Wall Street Movement Continues
Occupy Wall Street: 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?'
Occupy Wall Street: New York snow puts chill on protesters
Occupy Wall Street: Joan Rivers On Why There Are No Gay Men In Zuccotti Park

Protesters Arrested in Denver and Portland
Occupy Nashville protesters steadfast after two nights of arrests
Top 1% Files for Trademark of “Occupy Wall Street”
Tax The Poor: Forget Occupy Wall Street, Conservatives Have A Different Idea
This Week’s Leading Occupy Wall Street Stories

Occupy Wall Street lands on Broadway in Redwood City
Top Occupy Wall Street Videos (Dylan Ratigan, Elizabeth Warren, & More)
Occupy Wall Street: Taking over the New York Yankees and Making Baseball Fair
Looking for the Dream of America
Occupy Jacksonville ponders how to increase its impact - There are many locations like Jacksonville throughout the country.  I'm in a location in South Carolina that is some what dealing with the same difficulties.  However, I know that there are many standing there with us from afar just as we do with them in NYC, Oakland, Boston, Iowa and so many other locations.  We are one and we are the 99 percent as we stand in solidarity around the nation and for that matter around the world.  The people that live in these towns and cities will come too where it is slow to start.  When they see, understand and know what is going on through the plethora of information and propaganda. When people understand the truth and power of this movement they will come, I'm confident.  The southeast states are cautious to run to something like this and rightfully so, they have dealt with a lot over this countries history. I almost certainly think they will be coming and in larger numbers then this country has seen in a long, long time.  The truth along with peacefully getting out the word is all the power we need.

 'Dear Jamie Dimon': O.W.S. writes to bankers
Volunteer attorneys steer protesters through the legal system
The study that shows why Occupy Wall Street struck a nerve
Occupy movement mirrors Millennial Generation

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