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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Migration of Occupy Groups

While tactics are used to force people away from staying in some occupation locations and mother nature sends fury, why not migrate some of the movements people that are willing to travel.  The south is a well known migration location for northern Americans, especially for those that can afford homes in both locations.  I don't say abandon the current occupy locations but maintain them with smaller groups of determined members.  It may help keep injuries down from hypothermia and other cold related injuries.  It may help boost the motivation and morale of others.

I think the idea of getting more people in this movement moving around can have positive effect.  I'm also rather sure that you can find people locally to support this idea in many southern states.  Even a time-sharing concept of homes for those who want to be involved but don't want or can't sleep outside all the time.  Well just an idea, feel free to chime in if you have some ideas too.

Southern Hospitality ready here in South Carolina for any and all occupiers:)

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Anonymous said...

How many of those 1 percent do you think might be sitting and having a drink in the Key West or Caribbean while protesters get frostbite?