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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Comments on a few Occupy News Bytes...

Occupy Wall Street protesters stripped of their power, literally, by fire department and NYPD - I knew this was coming yesterday when I read the inspections were going on.  We can't get you out by intimidation and force without looking bad then we will try and break your spirit and supply lines.  Sad, what some will do to try and break this up! We don't want the people to be heard now would we.

Many cities leaving Wall Street protesters alone - Maybe true in some but even cities mentioned as being left alone appear to be pulling behind the scene attacks to break up needed supplies such as food, shelter and communications for the movements. I see more covert and devious tactics trying to break up the protests by local authorities.

(blogcruiser comment: Yes, come to America the land that you are free to protest peaceably. Of course that is as long as you protest about what we want you to, where we want you to, when we want you to and how long we will allow you too.  Welcome to the New World  Order U.S.A(N.W.O.U.S.A.).  Welcome to the N.W.O.U.S.A., where the few will write your history and the rest of you need to quiet down, be nice and get back in some corner.  If you don't have a home or a job don't worry, we are privatizing prisons and will have lots more room for plenty of you in the near future.  We already accommodate more prisoners then and country in the world and we are making room for many more.)

Occupy Wall Street developments -I'm very disappointed with Gov. Nikki Haley's comments here in Charleston that were listed among this article.  Someone really needs to inform her of what "Occupy Wall Street" is really about and who it is really supported by.  That of course would be the 99 percent.

Occupy Wall Street: Like the Tea Party it Should Be Taken Seriously

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