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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another News Opinion from blogcruiser

NY Occupy Wall St protesters march to bank offices

Does a Criminal Organization Have Links to Occupy Wall Street and the President? - Sad smear tactics, they don't seem to get it.  This is not about some conspiracy group.  This not about pitting the people against the people. This is not about the left or the right.  This is not about Democrat or Republican.

  This is about the majority of the people in this country. This is about honesty and fairness.  This is about the 99 percent.  This is about the 1 percent.  This does not make the 1 percent only the rich either.  There are plenty of people in the 1 percent that are good and some that are bad.  There are plenty of people that are good in the 99 percent and some that are bad.   This is about the 1 percent of wrong doing and the 99 percent of good intentions.  Why would we want that 1 percent in charge as it has become in this nation and worldwide?

  It is about CHANGE that so many Americans know is needed.  Things are not right and it is time to face that with open discussions and transparency, to make things better for many.  This change can make things much better and it is coming whether we are afraid of the change or not.

  We have sat by because we don't know what to do as our neighbors lose their jobs, lose their homes.  Hoping it wasn't us next.  We cry as we watch family and friends not get medicines or treatment that is needed to keep them alive because they don't have medical insurance.  Knowing we could or will be there ourselves at some time in the future at the end of our own lives.  We sit here as people work longer hours for  less money and the prices for everything around us continue to go up.  We watch as the government and corporations pillage, tear apart and destroy the savings, retirements and other benefit programs of the working class that have been paid for by the working class.  We see many of the younger generation being enslaved by debt to get through higher education schools. Only to find jobs with pay that will take a lifetime for them to pay off their education bills, let alone ever own a home or fulfill any more of the American Dream. There are so many legitimate concerns from so many people.

  Are we to just sit around and watch this happen?  Is this the future we want? Is the future we want for our families, friends or anyone for that matter?

   WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT!  That 99 percent may not be just the working class against the rich.  That 99 percent in my minds eye are the 99 percent of good people out there working hard and trying to help each other.  The 1 percent are a class of evil people that really don't care about other people and the whole of society.  There are 1 percenter's in every class and they are who we are fighting against.  Some of them are rich, some of them are middle class, some of them are poor, some of them are in the media.  The 1 percent are everywhere but the 99 percent are obviously much larger and starting to take the stand and starting changes that are so desperately needed by so many!

  Please let's not allow the 1 percent to be in charge and the 99 percent stand by and watch this continue!

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